Zyrtec for Dogs

Zyrtec For Dogs: Dosage

Zyrtec For Dogs: Dosage
Zyrtec For Dogs: Dosage
 Before we kick off this section, please note that any of these dosages are scientific estimates at best.
You should always consult your veterinarian before you start a course of treatment for your dog with this medication or any other, as they will tell you the exact dosage you should give your dog and all other details you should know.
Generally, cetirizine is taken orally, in a tablet form, once a day. The required dosage is mostly determined by your dog’s weight.
The standard recommended Zyrtec dosage for dogs is:
  • Dogs over 10 lbs: Give one 10mg tablet once daily
  • Dogs under 10 lbs: Give one-half of a 10mg tablet once daily
You can feel free to give Zyrtec to your dog alone or with some food, whatever works best for them.
If you suspect that your dog has overdosed on Zyrtec, immediately contact your veterinarian so they tell you the necessary steps you have to do.

Side Effects Zyrtec For Dogs

Side Effects Zyrtec For Dogs
Here are some of the most common side effects that dogs which are administered Zyrtec could show:
  • Vomiting
  • Hyper-salivation
  • Drowsiness (although this one usually fades away by itself as your dog gets accustomed to the medicine)
  • Heavy sedation
  • Constipation
  • Retention of urine
If your dog shows any of these symptoms, stop giving them Zyrtec and let your veterinarian know about the situation so they determine whether a dosage modification is required, or the prescription of another antihistamine all together.